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SR22 Threaded Barrels
Barrel thread protectors
SR22 Non Threaded Barrels
Twin Tech Tactical SR22 Products
These are the barrels you will need to attach a suppressor to your SR22. 

Suppressor adaptors are sold separately.
Replacement thread protectors for Twin Tech threaded barrels.

If you have lost or damaged your thread protector you can find new ones here.

We also offer a variety of non threaded barrels for the Ruger SR22 pistol.

From a standard replacement barrel to a 105mm long Canadian legal hunting barrel. 
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It should go without saying that altering a firearm with aftermarket parts comes with certain risks and will most likely void the manufacturer’s warranty. Please understand and accept we assume no liability for injury or death to the purchaser or anyone residing with, or within the range of an intentional or accidental discharge of the firearm. The purchaser is solely responsible for the use of their firearm with or without our parts. 
It is the purchaser’s sole responsibility to be absolutely certain that any aftermarket part is installed and fitted correctly. Improper installation could result in a serious malfunction that could cause serious injury and/or death to the shooter or anyone within range of the discharged firearm. The purchaser and/or the installer of the part(s) must accept full responsibility for the correct installation and fitment for proper function.

Twin Tech is not affiliated with the Sturm Ruger Company or any of its subsidiaries. 
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Twin Tech SR22 Threaded Barrel Adapters
You will need one of these adapters to attach a standard suppressor to a Twin Tech Tactical Threaded barrel.
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Fully Machined Polymer Takedown Lever
This is a replacement takedown lever that is far superior to Rugers O.E.M. part. This part is fully machined from a super strong high impact polymer. If you are tired of sending your pistol back to the factory to be repaired, than this part is for you.  
$13.00 ea.
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Solvent Trap adapters
These solvent trap adapters can be used to attach standard oil filters to the muzzle of firearms with threaded barrels.
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Muzzle Compensators
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