Twin Tech Tactical
 Takedown Lever for The Ruger SR22 Pistol
Twin Tech Tactical has designed, and is manufacturing a  fully machined polymer takedown lever to replace the weak factory piece. This takedown lever is far superior to the Ruger injection molded part in two ways. 

First our parts are fully machined from a billet block of a super strong, high impact resistant polymer. This process insures that there are no defects in the material, such as hotspots, porosity, or cooling cracks that are inherent on the Ruger injection molded piece. 

Second our parts have more impact surface area as you can see by the comparison photos below.

Takedown lever is $13.00 plus shipping.
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Twin Tech is not affiliated with the Sturm Ruger Company or any of its subsidiaries.
​Although our takedown lever is superior to Ruger’s factory piece, it is not indestructible. We have made our best attempt to remedy a bad design and these parts should be considered a sacrificial piece that could fail at some point in the future with improper use. Therefore no warranty is expressed or implied. 
Comparison photo: Ruger factory TDL is on the left and Twin tech fully machined TDL is on the right.
Installation of this takedown lever is slightly complicated and we recommend that you take your gun to a qualified gunsmith to have it installed. However, if you think that you are capable of performing this procedure, then we have produced a how to video that you can view below.  
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